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COVID–19: A Wake Up Call – our spring of hope or winter of despair!

By Tom Roche | 12/05/2020

When the coronavirus crisis eases, there will be an understandable desire and determination to return to ‘business as usual’ and regain some of the financial capital lost during this pandemic. But ‘business-as-usual’ is not an option. So our present Covid-19 crisis must be used as a turning point. It will be an opportunity for the next government to put the country on a sustainable economic footing and tackle the lack of social and affordable housing that has led to the country’s ...


COVID–19 and Youth Labour Market Transitions in the UK

By Geena Whiteman | 30/04/2020

This article explores the long term impact of COVID 19 on the futures of young people in the UK.

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In DE* house, imagining a new world!

By Lizzy Noone | 14/04/2020

* Development Education I’m doing Bridge 47’s wonderful Transformative Learning Journey course this year. The journey itself is much about how we can work with that feeling of discomfort and pain to make a conscious effort to change our behaviour rather we can push it away and invent reasons why how we’re acting is right in this House of Modernity Built that we are living in - this is the aspect of the course I will hone in on.

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My SDG Advocate Journey

By Michelle Jackson | 02/04/2020

I was a participant on the SDG advocate programme in 2018 and I learned a lot on this programme about both the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and how a group of informed citizens can help bring change to their local communities. The UN has set out 17 goals the SDG ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ which they hope to achieve by 2030. By completing our own action projects advocates can positively contribute to this aim with the hope of getting more people involved along the ...

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Simple eco–friendly switches you can make in 2020

By Rachel Browne | 10/03/2020

Rachael Browne highlighted the steps she and her family have taken to become more environmentally friendly.

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Community: a lesson in three parts

By Katie Lynch | 21/01/2020

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Two Videogames that can educate on Climate Change

By Carmine Rodi Falanga | 14/11/2019

Games are always, for better or worse, a learning experience. And among games, some of the most immersive and engaging experiences are provided by video games. As people (not only young ones) spend more and more time exploring the digital world, a question worth exploring is: what are they learning? And: can this great potential be put to good use?

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Are All African Children Orphans

By Corrie Fraser | 01/08/2019

Kids Club Kampala’s Ewafe project for abandoned children provides emergency care for children who have nowhere else to go. Since launching this project in 2013 we have discovered the huge web of misconceptions that exists in Western society regarding orphans and orphan care in Africa. This blog post is written by Kids Club Kampala founder and director Corrie Fraser, here she reflects on the most common misconceptions and why they can be damaging to the development of Africa as a ...

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A transformative learning experience in Co. Cavan

By Nathalie Markiefka | 28/06/2019

Nathalie takes us through her experience taking part in Development Perspectives' 'Kaleidoscope' training course and the profound impact it had on her.


Women’s Empowerment in Transition Economies.

By Georgina Whiteman | 14/03/2019

Although steps are being made towards gender equality globally, Georgina Whiteman explores where a lot of work still needs to be done.


Overwhelming and Intertwined SDGs

By Robert Johnston | 29/01/2019

Robert Johnston outlines his experience taking part in Youth of the World in Florence, Italy.


New Year’s Resolution for 2019 – Save the Planet

By Alex Pigot | 15/01/2019

January is the time for making resolutions - what will yours be and how will they impact the planet. Alex Pigot discusses his plans for 2019 and how they fit into the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Veganism: Your Step Toward Achieving Global Justice in 2019

By Aoife Kirk | 03/01/2019

Aoife Kirk outlines her reasons for being a vegan and why she thinks you should follow suit.


Why Systems Thinking is a Vital Pillar of Development Education.

By Paul Crewe | 20/12/2018

What is systems thinking and what impact does it have on the myriad of issues currently facing the world?

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Accounting for the SDGs and Sustainability

By Kate van der Merwe | 13/12/2018

An outlook on the importance of the finance sector becoming more involved in the Sustainable Development Goals.


Development goals can be reconciled to mitigate divergent environmental issues.

By Nelly Bore | 30/10/2018

The adoption and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 across the globe was a significant decision to promote parity and redefine development priorities through selected targets. These development goals aim to drive the transformative impact across all sectors of environmental sustainability, human development as well as the economic aspects. In its preamble on the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, it articulates the scale and ambition of the universal agenda ...

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Investment and Policy for Sustainability

By Dale Fickett | 20/09/2018



The Value of Global Perspectives.

By Orlaith Louise Carlin | 06/09/2018

Orla Carlin outlines the importance of exploring global outlooks and how it impacts on how we see the world.


WEEE Pledge – School Battery Recycling Initiative

By WEEE Pledge | 07/08/2018

WEEE Pledge is a FREE battery recycling programme designed for schools.


The youth within the international negotiations on climate change

By Juliette POMA | 29/05/2018

After my four-month internship in Development Perspectives in 2018, I had the opportunity to attend a world conference on international negations about climate change between the COP23 (November 2017) and COP24 (December 2018) in Bonn (Germany). The principle of these negotiations is mainly to continue the work that has been started at previous conferences. The the negotiators need to work together on the implementation and the details on the Paris Agreement based on three main pillars : ...


Climate Change: Why You and Why Me

By Maynooth University Students | 12/04/2018

As an individual how would you reflect upon the following? “Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries dearly today and even more tomorrow (United Nations, 2018).”


My experience as an SDG advocate

By Amy McAuley | 20/02/2018

Amy McAuley took part in the 2017 SDG Advocate programme as the Louth advocate. She has been very active in combining her love of the Irish Girl Guides with her passion for the Sustainable Development Goals. This blog post originally appeared at


Villes durables : agir localement et efficacement

By Juliette | 14/01/2018

Juliette, a French student in political science currently on an internship at Development Perspectives for 4 months. Interested in sustainable development, Juliette had the opportunity to attend the COP23 United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Bonn last November. During this experience, she learned a lot about how each country acts against global warming and copes with the consequences of climate change by taking into account political, social, economic and environmental ...


The Danger of a Single Story – Global Education is hard work

By Carmine Rodi Falanga | 14/12/2017

“The Danger of a Single Story“ is the title of a very popular TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, from 2009. But not only. This post is about our latest Erasmus+ course, which took place in Horažd’ovice (yes, every time I google and copy/paste it) in the Czech Republic in November 2017.


Social Power and Privilege in Society

By Nick Doran | 08/11/2017

On Thursday, October 26th last, Stephanie Kirwan and Bobby McCormack, of Development Perspectives, hosted a fascinating workshop in the Carmelite Centre in Dublin City. The workshop focused on ‘power’ and ‘privilege’ in society, specifically the invisibility of power and privilege, and how it creates and maintains particular sets of norms and conventions which sustain unequal access to social capital and resources. Under guidance from Bobby and Stephanie, the conversation developed ...


The Irish arms trade with Israel – a bloody stain upon the state

By Kevin Squires | 31/10/2017

On Wednesday 4th October 2017, the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign presented the Irish Government with over 23,000 signatures to a petition demanding an end to bilateral arms trade between Israel and Ireland.


My week with Development Perspectives

By Eva Loftus | 31/10/2017

My name is Eva and I am currently in Transition Year in Sacred Heart and I did my work experience in Development Perspectives. I am very interested in Basketball and the SDGs. I love traveling and learning about human rights.


Sunflowers…Seeds of Hope

By Margaret Downey | 31/08/2017

“Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.” Maori Proverb. As the light begins to wane for winter; giant heads of sunflowers come to bloom in late August for one last celebration of the sun. Cast against the lush green patchwork of the Irish landscape, the neon yellow flowers illuminate a sense of hope and optimism. Perhaps an Indian summer is nigh!


Vegan Venture

By Margaret Downey | 01/06/2017

Development Perspectives “Vegan Venture challenge” proved more difficult than I expected. As a way of highlighting the impact of meat production on Climate Change we were asked to live a vegan lifestyle for one week. I eat mainly vegetarian food and occasionally fish and chicken, so I presumed I would have little or no problem cutting out the additional extras.


Anything you can do, I can do better…

By Daire O’Dowd | 16/03/2017

Growing up, I think it’s safe to assume that most of us have heard of the age old Nursery Rhyme ‘Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice’ While ‘little boys are made of rats, snails and puppy dog tails’. It’s probably another safe assumption to make that the little versions of ourselves never really questioned the societal norms the rhyme imposes. Or maybe we did? If so … Go us!!