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My week with Development Perspectives

by Eva Loftus on the 31/10/2017

My name is Eva and I am currently in Transition Year in Sacred Heart and I did my work experience in Development Perspectives. I am very interested in Basketball and the SDGs. I love traveling and learning about human rights.

I decided to choose Development Perspectives for one of my work experience weeks because I am very interested in the activities they focus on and I wanted to see what’s involved in all these different projects they work on and organize.

I didn’t really know what to expect going in but I knew that I would be learning lots and I wouldn’t be bored.

One of the things that I really enjoyed this week was going to the workshops Development Perspectives run for different topics. For example, on Wednesday I went to a workshop called ‘IgnYte’ which is a 6-week programme for young people interested in business and leadership. I then attended another workshop the following day at the Carmelite Centre in Dublin. The workshop was about critical whiteness and power and privilege. This was an amazing workshop for me because it opened my eyes to this topic that I hadn’t even heard of before this week. I also loved hearing all the different opinions from people. I think these workshops are brilliant for getting topics heard about and discussed.

I was working with Stephanie on the #SDGchallenge. I really liked working on this because I feel very passionate about these goals. I looked up different articles and blogs on topics and also helped with Development Perspectives Instagram by getting our name around and spreading the word about the #SDGchallenge . I think what Stephanie and the team are doing with the #SDGchallenge is amazing and I know it will only get better.

Overall I loved every day with the team and I think what they do is amazing work and I hope that I can attend more workshops and volunteer for them and get involved in the future. I want to thank the team for an enjoyable week and for taking me and I hope this isn’t the last time I’m involved with Development Perspectives.


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