SDG advocates 2018 taking part in a workshop focused on the interconnectivity of the Global Goals


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Vacancy - Finance Officer

Closing date: 28th of April, 5pm Development Perspectives, Barlow House, Drogheda.

Development Perspectives is currently recruiting a Finance officer. The closing date for applications is the 28th of April at 5pm. To apply, please send a CV and letter of motivation to Deborah Conlon at Candidates will be shortlisted and interviews will take place in early May.

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The Danger of the Single Story

11-17 March Italy

Young people need to learn how to be critical users of media content, and how to be producers of information, not only passive users. We want to explore the challenges that democracies are facing nowadays, such as environmental issues, the phenomenon of migrations, the imminent European elections, the rise of radical and
violent politics, and the ways in which media - in particular, social media - contribute to the creation of stereotypes, prejudice, intolerance and violent movements. Can this be reversed? How can we play our role as educators and youth workers?

"The Danger of the Single Story" is a training course that combines stories, media, global education and active citizenship to empower trainers, educators, youth workers and give them better tools to do their work in these fast-changing times.

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See the World Differently is the Development Perspectives blog. We feature blogs written by people interested in development issues be they professionals within the sector or current and past participants of our education programmes. We welcome respectful conversation and discussion about the issues raised. If you would like to submit a blog please get in touch with our Public Engagement Officer Deborah at