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In recent years, DP have been involved in many projects funded under the EU's Erasmus + fund. This involvement has included lead partnership roles in Youth Worker Mobility projects and roles as a project partner in long-term Strategic Partnerships. The projects DP are involved in all examine Development Education in a variety of ways such as through storytelling, through sport and through best practice exchanges.

In 2018, we welcomed participants from 10 European countries for two training course. Spinning a Yarn (SAY) focussed on building storytelling competences for youth workers and development education practitioners. Sport and Global Education (SAGE) provided coaches, educators and facilitators with practical ways to use sport as a means to exploring the Sustainable Development Goals.

We have 2 upcoming Erasmus+ training courses set for 2019. Whats on Your Plate will look at the global food system in relation to the SDGs and offer alternative solutions to addressing food security and sustainability. Kaleidoscope will deepen the understanding of citizenship and promote informed critical action among youth workers and trainers.

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Spinning Yarn, supporting global education training courses Castle Saunderson 2016.

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