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Our work explores, examines and acts upon a range of issues and challenges that face our world. In order for this to work effectively, we use participatory and interactive learning methods to ensure the greatest impact for participants of our programmes.

"Development education is a lifelong educational process which aims to increase public awareness and understanding of the rapidly changing, interdependent and unequal world in which we live. By challenging stereotypes and encouraging independent thinking, development education helps people to critically explore how global justice issues interlink with their everyday lives. Informed and engaged citizens are best placed to address complex social, economic and environmental issues linked to development. Development education empowers people to analyse, reflect on and challenge at a local and global level, the root causes and consequences of global hunger, poverty, injustice, inequality and climate change;presenting multiple perspectives on global justice issues."

-Irish Aid

Development Perspectives’ mission is to contribute to lessening poverty, inequality and climate change through transformative education and active global citizenship.

Building on the learning of past experiences, we are excited and ready for the next stage of our development. In order to have the greatest impact, we focus on developing the ‘whole’ person who is aware of the interdependent nature of life and is propelled to act as a global citizen working for the good of all.

SDG Advocates 2018 SDG Advocates 2018

Annual Report 2019

Five goals were identified in Development Perspectives strategic plan 2019 – 2023.

  1. To have informed, active and inclusive citizenry that is tackling the root causes of poverty, inequality and climate change.

  2. To recognise the importance and relevance of Development Education in contributing to a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

  3. Organisational scale, capacity and income (Governance / Financial / Human Resources) is increased and deepened.

  4. To work collaboratively with a diverse set of partners (Locally / Nationally / Internationally) that share our vision in order to maximise reach, impact and influence.

  5. DP will maximise the impact of its work in Ireland and internationally through ongoing reflection, evaluation, learning and innovation.

Development Perspectives supports Irish citizens in accessing quality learning opportunities with multi-facetted educational approaches in the Development Arena. The aim and role of Development Education practitioners is to facilitate robust, accessible and engaging opportunities for the public to learn and act as global citizens. Calling on governments to address the structural causes of global poverty, inequality and climate change is now more urgent than ever!

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We're delighted to have had our work recognised with several esteemed awards.

In the 2017 Dóchas Awards, our #SDGchallenge was awarded the SDG Champion Award, an award which honours an organisation that has done outstanding work around the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

During the same ceremony, our director Bobby McCormack received the Global Citizen Award, which celebrates an outstanding individual who inspires and empowers others in their quest for a better world.

In 2018 we were also delighted to be shortlisted in the first ever United Nations SDG Action Awards again with our #SDGchallenge project in the category ‘Communicator’. The awards recognize the most outstanding and innovative efforts to inspire action on the Sustainable Development Goals.

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