The Irish arms trade with Israel – a bloody stain upon the state

This week’s blog comes from Kevin Squires, the national coordinator of the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign The Irish arms trade with Israel – a bloody stain upon the state On Wednesday 4th October, the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) delivered a 23,000-strong petition to the Irish government, demanding an end to the bilateral arms trade between […]

Sunflowers…..Seeds of Hope 2

  “Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.” Maori Proverb. As the light begins to wane for winter; giant heads of sunflowers come to bloom in late August for one last celebration of the sun. Cast against the lush green patchwork of the Irish landscape, the neon yellow flowers […]

Vegan Venture 4

This week’s blog was written by DP co-founder Margaret Downey who recently took our #VeganVenture challenge as part of the #SDGchallenge. Development Perspectives “Vegan Venture challenge” proved more difficult than I expected. As a way of highlighting the impact of meat production on Climate Change we were asked to live a vegan lifestyle for one […]

Anything you can do, I can do better….

This week’s blog comes from Daire O’Dowd. Daire is a former Insight participant who has been involved in Development Perspectives since 2010. Growing up, I think it’s safe to assume that most of us have heard of the age old Nursery Rhyme ‘Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice’ While ‘little boys […]


We’ve reached Goal #11 in the #SDGchallenge this month with a focus on Sustainable Cities and Communities. We now have 330 people signed up from 31 different countries and have hosted workshops all over the country. 2017 started with a focus on Reduced Inequalities.     The #SDGchallenge is well and truly underway. With over 330 […]

Community Supported Agriculture – What is it? 2

Róisín Nic Cóil is coordinator of the CSA Network of Ireland. She attended workshops run by DP in Dundalk Ó Fiaich college on Monday nights recently. She is a student at DkIT and active with EnviroSoc in the college. DkIT Envirosoc are running EnviroTalks from January-April 2017 and Róisín will speak about CSAs. Community Supported Agriculture, […]

Global Learning in Benin.

  This week’s blog is written by #SDGchallenge coordinator Stephanie Kirwan and DP Public Engagement  officer Deborah Conlon and outlines the first in a series of study visits with the GELP project.   Development Perspectives is the Irish partner organisation of GLEN (The Global Learning Education Network of Young Europeans). We were recently fortunate enough […]

#FeesMustFall – South African Student Protests. 1

Kevin McParland is a PhD candidate in the School of Politics and International Relations at University College Dublin. His research is focused on the impact of major physical infrastructure projects on the socio-economic lives of rural farming and fishing communities. He is currently completing an Erasmus Mundus mobility scholarship at University of Fort Hare in […]

Spinning A Yarn – SAY

This week’s article comes from freelance non-formal education trainer and consultant Carmine Rodi Falanga. This blog was originally posted in Carmine’s own blog “To Say Nothing of the Cat.” – What happens when you try to combine two topics apparently very different from each other? Who knows? We didn’t. And that’s why we decided to realise SAY – Spinning […]

Coffee Cups and Conscious Decisions.

This week’s blog was written by Deirdre Gavin. Deirdre was a leader on this year’s Insight programme and will be working with us for the coming months on the #SDGchallenge. Upon recently watching Al Gores 2015 TED talk leading on from 2005’s “the inconvenient truth” regarding the happening climate crisis it got me thinking. In […]

Something we forget to mention while talking about the SDGs: Men’s health

This week’s blog comes from Zuzana Machová. Zuzana comes from Slovakia originally but has been studying Economics and Social and Political Sciences in Trinity College, Dublin over the last year. Zuzana worked with us throughout May focussing on the #SDGchallenge. While researching more information on health and well-being for this month’s info pack, the gender gap in […]

My Anxiety. 3

This week’s blog comes from Gráinne Murphy. Gráinne is an 18 year old student who is passionate about drama and baking. After her Leaving Cert she hopes to study psychology as her own experiences have left her fascinated with the human mind. Calm down. It’s not that big a deal. You’re just being over-dramatic. What’s the worst that could happen? Quit […]

A group of young Europeans taking part in a training course on Sport and Global Education.

The link between Education and Sports.

This week’s blog comes from Maximilian Dobrescu who took part in our recent Sport and Global Education training course. Maximilian is a character educator who works with children through sports, designing impactful learning experiences for different target groups whether in-class or through innovative technology. Recently I read a Facebook post written by a mother. It went like this “Radu wants […]

Nudging people to waste less food!

This week’s blog comes from Zuzana Machová. Zuzana comes from Slovakia originally but has been studying Economics and Social and Political Sciences in Trinity College, Dublin over the last year. Zuzana will be working with us over the next few weeks focussing on Goal 2: Zero Hunger as part of the #SDGchallenge. Poverty and hunger are […]

Food waste - how much food do we throw away?

Could you survive on less than $2.50 a day? I couldn’t.

Josh Quinn is a past participant of Insight 2015 and a leader on Insight 2016. As part of our #SDGchallenge he took the #PovertyBox challenge, this is how he got on… This blog originally featured on Sitting in my local Italian eatery opposite my good friend, I was into four forkfuls of my linguine alla pescatora when […]

Consommation de la planète

Le blog de cette semaine vient de Alexandra Viard. Alexandra a travaillé avec nous pour les deux derniers mois en mettant l’accent sur notre projet le #SDGchallenge Je me rends compte lors de recherches pour le SDG challenge que premièrement les buts à atteindre sont extrêmement liés entre eux, ils interagissent et s’affectent d’une manière […]

Equality and wealth distribution: How far have we really come? 1

This week’s blog comes from Gillian Moore. This year marks the centenary of the 1916 Rising when the Irish Proclamation was read by Padraig Pearse on the steps of the General Post Office (GPO) proclaiming a Republic that would guarantee ‘religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities for all its citizens, and declares its […]

Fig. 1: Child’s drawing of their home in a hotel in Dublin

World Water Day – 22/03/2016

Water – water charges – water – water charges; a major discussion happening across households in Ireland. Will Fine Gael keep them? Will Fianna Fail stick to their word on water charges? Will Sinn Fein abolish water charges? The discussions and politics go on. However as a 23 year old female living in Ireland where […]