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Supporting the Integration of the Resettled (STIRE)

Development Perspectives are excited to be part of the pan-European project ‘Supporting the Integration of the Resettled (STIRE)’, funded by the EU’s Asylum, Migration and Immigration Fund. The overall goal of STIRE is to foster cooperation and partnership between resettled migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and their respective host communities in Ireland by contributing to their pre-departure and post-arrival support and building capacity in the receiving communities and promoting partnerships. DP are members of a project consortium which includes partners from Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Austria. The project will take place over 2 years with a start date in early 2019.

Project Activities

The project activities will be diverse, wide ranging and designed to:

  • Offer pre-departure support for asylum seekers, migrants and immigrants by providing information (legal, social and cultural) about their host countries
  • Provide post-arrival support through tailored workshops designed around the specific needs of asylum seekers, migrants and immigrants in each host community
  • Deliver capacity building training seminars for stakeholders in host community which develops knowledge and skills to allow them to work with asylum seekers, migrants and immigrants in their communities on a daily basis

vienna STIRE Team, Vienna 2019

Contact Us

If you wish to find out more information about this project or how you can get involved, please contact: Phone: +353 419801005
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