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Saolta research

Evidence-based research will be developed, collated and disseminated to inform Development Education policy and practice in the Adult and Community Education sector in Ireland.

Initial Mapping of Development Education in the Adult & Community Education Sector

The following map contains details of the initial mapping of Development Education provision in the Irish Adult and Community Education sector. Use the map to filter DE providers by geographic location, subsector of Adult & Community Education, provider location and contact details

Research Repository

Saolta is working on increasing access to robust, evidence-based research to inform DE policy and practice in the sector. This research repository contains links to a selection of national and international publications that focus on Development Education / Education for Global Citizenship in Adult and Community Education settings. The repository will be updated regularly - please email if you would like to have an item included.

Report on the Initial Mapping of Development Education in the Adult & Community Education Sector

By Kearns, M & O’ Halloran, R

Case Study today of a Strategic Partnership Approach to Development Education for the Adult and Community Education sector

By Bracken, M. 2020

The power of language and the languauge of power

By Bracken, M. 2020

Attitudes towards Development Cooperation in Ireland: Report of a National Survey of Irish Adults.

By Amárach, 2013

Could Integrating Development Education into Adult and Community Education Create More Space for Critical Adult and Community Education in Ireland.

By Bailey, N. 2003

Integrating Development Education into Adult Education using Active Citizenship as a focus.

By Bailey, N. 2009

Women at the forefront: the role of women's community education in combating poverty and disadvantage.

By AONTAS / Women's Education Research and Resource Centre, 2003

Opportunities for non-formal development education in Britain and Spain.

By Brown, E.J. 2018

Models of transformative learning for social justice: comparative case studies of non-formal development education in Britain and Spain.

By Brown, E.J. 2013

Conflict and convergence: theories and practices for global citizenship and adult education.

By Carpenter, S. Chum, A. & Weber, N. 2007

How critical is talk? Discourses of Development Education among facilitators in Ireland.

By Dillon, E. 2017

Connecting the personal and the political: feminist perspectives on development education.

By Dillon, E. 2019

The Development Education Sector in Ireland a Decade on from the 'Kenny Report': Time to finish the job?

By Doorly, M. 2015

Education 2030 and Adult Learning: Global Perspectives and Local Communities: Bridges or Gaps.

By Evans, R. 2019

Mapping the Past, Charting the Future: A review of the Irish Government's Engagement with Development Education and a Meta-Analysis of Development Education Research in Ireland.

By Fiedler, M. Bryan, A. Bracken, M. 2011

Sustainability, ecojustice and adult education.

By Griswold, W. 2017

Feminist approaches to adult education in international education and development settings.

By Herron, B.A. 2019

Empowerment and Emancipation.

By Inglis, T. 1997

Synthesis Paper: Thematic Review of Development Education within primary, post-primary, higher education, youth, adult and community sectors.

By Irish Aid. 2011

Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Adult and Community Learning in Wales – from Policy to Pedagogy.

By Jenkins, A. 2018

Development Education in Ireland: Challengs and Opportunities for the Future.

By Kenny, M; O Malley, S. 2002

Globalisation and the role of adult and community education: Challenges and opportunities.

By Merriam, S.B. 2010

A Priority for ESD Research: Influencing Adult Citizens.

By Monroe, M.C. 2007

Development Education in Ireland: Report.

By Murphy, K. 2017

Critical Reflections on the UNDESD: From the Perspectives of Informal Education in a Community Development Context.

By Noguchi, F. 2018

Adult and Community Education as a tool to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By O' Reilly, N. 2018

The impact of development education and education for sustainable development interventions: A synthesis of the research.

By O'Flaherty, J; Liddy, M. 2017

Learning Neighbourhoods: Lifelong learning, community and sustainability in Cork Learning City.

By O'Tuama, S. 2020

Addressing Global Citizenship Education in Adult Learning and Education.

By UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, 2019

'Active learning for active citizenship': Democratic citizenship and lifelong learning.

By Annette, John, 2009

Radical international adult education; a pedagogy of solidarity.

By Broughton, R. 2016