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SDG Showcase 2018


On Wednesday the 17th of October, we were delighted to host our 2018 SDG Showcase event. The evening celebrated the actions of this years SDG Advocates from communities across Ireland.

A crowd of over 100 engaged community members came together Wednesday to celebrate the actions of Drogheda based NGO Development Perspectives’ 2018 SDG advocates. The crowd was filled with representatives of local businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, as well as artists, politicians, students and of course, advocates from Vietnam and Tanzania who travelled to Ireland to be part of the night.

The event featured dances, presentations and interactions from the audience. The audience were made to test their knowledge on a variety of global issues when the event was opened by advocates Lisa and David, who using the website Kahoot, created a fun and interactive quiz that the entire audience could take part in. From there, the group that travelled to Tanzania this summer illustrated their journey to the audience by displaying photography from their time there accompanied by narration and some improv theatre.

The evening continued with the group who travelled to Vietnam during the summer months who showcased their journey. To do this, they showed footage from NetViet TV, a national Television station in Vietnam which spent some time with the advocates in Vietnam, interviewing them about their work and highlighting the Sustainable Development Goals. Advocates from Ireland and Vietnam then took to the stage to perform a martial arts demonstration, displaying the partnerships formed between advocates in both countries and highlighting the importance of Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing.

A key element of the SDG Advocate project is taking action on the SDGs. Projects that were showcased included Linh from Vietnam hosting a small fashion show to explain her social enterprise of repurposing old clothes, Maria who talked about her upcoming event ‘Skerries Wellness Festival, Adeleh who explained her energy saving advise for a greener world and Patrick who described his project, Amiticia which aims to develop smart and sustainable communities.

The audience also an opportunity to interact with the advocates, asking questions or contributing comments to what they had heard.

United Nations Youth Delegate Aisling O’Boyle then took to stage to commend the SDG advocates on their ongoing work and to once again highlight the importance of these Global Goals to the audience, suggesting they find the goal that relates to what they are passionate about and then discover how it interlinks with the other goals. Aisling was followed by SDGchallenge coordinator Stephanie Kirwan who highlighted the level of work and commitment the SDG advocates had displayed throughout the programme and to applaud the civil society leadership shown throughout Ireland towards all the issues spoken about throughout the event.

The night ended with the SDG advocates taking to the stage to highlight the importance of each individual goal.

Check out a few snaps at https://flic.kr/s/aHskH8ojnP

Photo credit: Niamh Murphy
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