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This week’s article comes from Alex Murphy. Alex is currently doing an internship with Development Perspectives. He is a 3rd year student in DkIT studying Community Sports Leadership. His interest include using sports, music and activities as a means of community development and social change. He also recently started learning the drums and teaching the DkIT Karate club that I founded with a lecturer two years ago.

GlobalGoalsYou may have heard a bit about the Global Goals lately. They are a set of 17 goals agreed to by over 150 world leaders. These Global Goals are aimed to be accomplished by 2030. They focus on ending extreme poverty, promoting equality and justice, and fixing climate change. The goals are no doubt ambitious, but are they achievable? There are 193 countries represented by the signing of the Sustainable Development Goals and for the goals to become a reality every citizen of these countries must do two simple things.

  1. Know about the goals.
  2. Talk about the goals.

Through the next 15 years the support and popularity of these goals is what will keep them from being forgotten. There needs to be a pressure upon those who have the power to achieve these goals. I believe we truly have a chance to completely change our world within 15 years. We have a chance to combat climate change and allow for education and health for all. 

If we achieve the 17 Goals the world will enter into a new era of global education and sustainable clean energy production. An era where the world is no longer catching up to the mistakes made by previous years, but one which allows humanity to truly progress. There are smaller scale examples of individual countries attaining a very high success rate on a number of the 17 goals listed. For example, many countries are generating well over 50% of their energy through renewable means.

But, are these goals both achievable and sustainable? 

Each goal individually is ambitious, to achieve them all by 2030 even more so! Many of the goals seem almost contradictory. Goal 9, to Improved infrastructure and industry may not sit well with Goal 13, to help fight climate change. The main point to be included is Goal 17… there must be partnership between the goals themselves and participating countries. Leading with a focus on sustainable and clean energy, this allows for the steady removal of fossil fuel energy production and a marked decrease in pollution. This improved source of sustainable energy will allow for industry and innovation to expand exponentially.

There are also various critiques calling these goals simply a distraction from the failed UN Millennium Goals. If that is the case, all the more reason to ensure the success of these ones. This is our chance and our time to change the world. I hope you take it.

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