Nudging people to waste less food!

This week’s blog comes from Zuzana Machová. Zuzana comes from Slovakia originally but has been studying Economics and Social and Political Sciences in Trinity College, Dublin over the last year. Zuzana will be working with us over the next few weeks focussing on Goal 2: Zero Hunger as part of the #SDGchallenge. Poverty and hunger are […]

Food waste - how much food do we throw away?

Consumer Activism: Six ways to ethicize your shopping! 2

This week’s blog comes from Aoife Kirk. Aoife is a graduate of Politics and History in NUI Maynooth. She has been involved with Development Perspectives since 2014 and was a leader on this year’s Insight programme. In a country where we have so many products available to us and are reminded on a daily basis by […]

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): When the manipulation of seeds can damage our lives… 2

This week´s blog is written by Raquel Ezequiel. Raquel is from Portugal and at the moment she is working in Development Perspectives. Her background is a degree in Psychology and she works with youth programmes more recently. Do you know if you ate GMOs today? For sure, most of you will say: “I don’t know?” And […]