Stereotypes and Discrimination in Louth and Meath.

“I think we are all guilty of believing stereotypes without even being aware of it. And with a little exploring we realise that the world is very complex and people don’t necessarily fit into these brackets we’ve set.” – Paul Crewe, Project worker with Development Perspectives.

Development Perspectives’ Paul Crewe explored the topic of stereotypes and discrimination with the local community in a workshop on the 20th June.

The workshop invited members of the public to debate and deconstruct the stereotypes we often encounter in the media and in our own minds. Participants explored the dangers of labeling and stereotypes through “The Lifeboat Activity”. Later participants were asked to face the stereotypes that have been imposed on them throughout their life and question the feelings brought on those assumptions. This gave participants a better understanding of the impact these presumptions have on us as individuals and how to deal with them in our lives.

This event was held in conjunction with the Global Learning Education Network for Young Europeans (GLEN), the Irish Development Education Association (IDEA) and 80:20 and is part of the GELP project.

DP’s Paul Crewe introducing the “LifeBoat” activity to the group.

“To discriminate against another gives the world an insight into who you are, not who they are.” – Margaret Downey, co-founder of Development Perspectives.

The group sharing experiences of being ‘labelled’.

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