Learning online: Education becoming more accessible.

In today’s ever advancing technological era, there are now various new and innovative online resources through which children can further their education. These educational online tools provide children with an interactive and engaging platform through which they can discover innovative, interesting and accessible ways to advance their learning capabilities.

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For example, there now exist a plethora of free educational online games which offer new engaging ways to captivate children’s interest in learning. They offer an interactive medium through which students can improve their technical and media literacy. These skills could be invaluable throughout their adult lives as more of our modern society continues to revolve around technology. These games provide a fun way to develop problem solving strategies and test intuitive ideas; skills which will significantly increase their employability prospects in the future. What’s more, many of these games are now available in app form. With many students expressing an active interest in smart phones, these apps capitalize upon a medium in which children express a keen interest, in order to further develop their curiosity in educational apps and games.

Teachers can also thrive from these new online educational opportunities. These games offer teachers a medium through which they can more aptly communicate with their pupils. As Jason Ohler states, educational games allow teachers to communicate with students by ‘speaking their own language with their tools’. There are a variety of these tools which teachers can utilise to measure the progress of each child, without students feeling as if they are placed under academic scrutiny. These include website creation resources such as Weebly, which provide a whole new method of teaching for educators. Utilizing a simple ‘drag and drop’ interface to add page elements such as text, photos, documents and any other multimedia content, Weebly facilitates a user friendly educational tool which permits teachers and students to create their own websites and academic portfolios. Teachers can use Weebly to manage their students’ accounts, receive homework assignments online and keep parents informed of their child’s progress. The possibilities are endless; providing teachers, parents and students with accessible modern educational tools which can enrich children’s learning processes and grant them the liberty of discovering new technological skills.

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Students can also learn online by communicating with a wide variety of professional online tutors. Companies such as MathsDoctor connect students with tutors in their area whose skills match the specifications of each student. These resources enable students to communicate and work with tutors online, benefiting from interactive homework help sessions with a multitude of highly qualified tutors. The benefit of an online tutor is that you remove the problem of scheduling conflicts between you and your tutor. Moreover, if you or your tutors live in a remote location, you no longer need to worry about arranging transport to and from your sessions.

Ultimately, as technology becomes more integral to our daily lives, these easily accessible educational online resources provide an invaluable opportunity for children to develop technological skills from an early age. They also provide an exciting opportunity for children to discover an interest in learning through an innovative interactive medium, which will motivate and sustain their interest in education throughout their academic lives.


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