Insight 2016

Insight 2016

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Closing date for applications: 12th February 2016.

Please return completed applications to or by post to Development Perspectives, Barlow House, Narrow West Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth


Since Development Perspectives was founded in 2006 it has held annual development education programmes.

The Insight programme is designed to challenge and engage people from all over Ireland in examining issues relating to development, whether it’s climate change, poverty or any of the other issues that affect them and other people across the globe.

The Insight programme is 8 months long and consists of 3 phases: B. 104_6389Phase 1 Takes place in Ireland and focuses on an introduction to development education. It consists of three weekends where participants will have the opportunity to meet the co-founders of DP. The group will be introduced to their team leaders, who will have completed the programme in previous years. This pre-departure phase consists of team building exercises, exploring group dynamics, an introduction to development, preparation and logistics, debates and discussions and talks from a variety of speakers involved in the development field. During phase one participants are asked to take part in a residential weekend, which is fundamentally important in developing a strong group dynamic

InsightPhase 2 Is the overseas phase, which gives participants the chance to examine development in the context of another country and explore what issues effect people from that country. Over the years DP has built relationships with a number of organisations in Tanzania, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Liberia and Zambia. During the overseas phase Irish participants have the added bonus of working within a local community on a project that has been chosen by the local people. Local development activists are invited to facilitate workshops that provide a better idea of the reality on the ground for people living in that community. Experiential and active learning forms an important part of Development Perspectives work highlighting the value of learning through theory and practice.

Tanzanian partners in IrelandPhase 3 Is the final phase of the programme which takes place in Ireland. Participants are asked to commit to three weekends where the focus is on the reflection of the individuals experience and public engagement.

Over the years we have employed a number of different methods to engage the public in the programme, utilising the vast array of interests and talents of the participants involved. 2014 saw us hold an interactive exhibition in the Droichead Arts Centre where participants and leaders combined their collective skills to produce artwork, videos, music and dance pieces to show family and friends what they had learned from their experience taking part in the 8 month programme.

African partners who have taken part in the second phase of the programme are given the opportunity to travel to Ireland to contribute to the reflection, evaluation and exhibition phase held in November.

The Story So Far is an impact enquiry focused on the period between 2006 and 2009. One of the co-founders of Development Perspectives, Margaret Downey, carried out this recent research to identify the true value of the work carried out by the organisation.The research explored the impact of the organisation’s annual development education programme on it’s participants and their wider communities. Download a copy here:

The Story So Far

A second research project was conducted by students from Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin to determine the impact the Insight programme has on participants empowerment and engagement in politic and social issues.

This research can be read here: Measuring the Impact of Development Perspective’s Insight Programme on Participants’ Active Citizenship