Ignyte Programme 2015

Ignyte participants with DP trainer Paul Crewe.

Some Ignyte participants with DP trainer Paul Crewe.

This week’s blog comes from Sean McKenna. Sean is studying Social and Community Development in the Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown (ITB). Sean is currently on placement from ITB with Development Perspectives where he learned about the Ignyte project being held in conjunction with The Mill in Drogheda. Sean hopes to pursue his goal of combining horticulture skills with entrepreneurship with a view to setting up a community garden network. 

The aim of the Igynte programme is to provide the opportunity & environment for young unemployed people to explore self-employment as an alternative to a life of unemployment.

IgnYte recruits motivated individuals who have an interest in setting up a new enterprise (social or for-profit, part-time or full-time) onto the Programme.
I enrolled for the programme on the Mill’s website. It was accepted by Brendaan and I called him to confirm details of when the programme was to commence which was on Monday the 3rd of March.

Monday 04/03/15 – Paul Facilitating 
All the participants were introduced to the facilitator, Development Perspectives trainer Paul Crewe and the project director in The Mill Sean McEntee. To start the session we sat in a circle and played an ice-breaker game and got a bit familiar with each other to gain a comfortable platform within the group. After that the group was asked to write there hopes and fears of progression through the programme. Sean then gave a talk of the potential successful outcomes of completing the programme.

Friday 06/03/15 Paul-Gareth Facilitating 
In the morning we were introduced to Gareth, the other facilitator that was joining Paul for the morning. The focus for the morning was developing ideas that can help us realise our goals. We also watched an interesting video on how focusing on something and missing so much as a result and discussed how having many distractions results in losing focus on a goal that seemed once easily attainable.

Monday 09/03/15 Paul- Gareth facilitating
Gareth started of the session by teaching the group some meditation techniques, the motive for this was to clear the mind of ALL thoughts basically in order to gain clarity on which direction to go and achieve our goals. As Gareth explained the mind becomes blurred with everyday noise from the busy hustle and bustle of modern society. After the 11 o clock break Sean McEntee came in to give a talk on business goals provided all participants with a hand-out which he called the McEntee matrix which advises people on business entrepreneurship.

Wednesday 11/3 Paul-Gareth facilitating
Two new members joined the group; to introduce them to the group we played a fun game called 2 truths 1 lie, which was a good laugh. Afterwards we watched a video of Sir Ken Robinson doing a “TED” talk on how education systems kill creativity. We then discussed the nine intelligences which were outlined to us by the facilitators. It was very interesting to learn about them and how education systems across the globe concentrate on only two –  LOGICAL (mathematically based) and LINGUISTIC.  The other seven are MUSICAL, SPATIAL (picture smart), INTERPERSONAL, INTRAPERSONAL, EXISTENTIAL (beliefs in powers beyond control), VISUAL (spatial awareness) and the final intelligence is NATURALISTIC (David Attenborough)

Friday 13/03 Shane + Paul Facilitated
We all watched a couple of inspirational videos on Youtube such as the meaning of life from a 3rd graders perspective. Which outlined we build barriers upon ourselves with age it is easy to become narrow-minded. All participants drew up a chart on a possible business ploy. Shane and Paul then discussed the benefits of positive/negative reflection and the benefits of constructive criticism then asked the group for some feedback on how the thought the programme was progressing. Everyone’s opinion was positive.

Monday 16/03 Paul facilitated
We started off by all participants taking part in a problem solving activity and then a communication activities which all had motive behind them which linked to successful business incentives. Then Sean McEntee came in and went through all the participants’ different business ideas and gave feedback on what he thought were the pros and cons of each one individually.

Wednesday 18/03 Paul + Gareth Facilitated
We watched a video on Active Listening and how to listen properly and take on board useful information. The group then put our ideas through the Hot air balloon model where you draw a picture of a hot air balloon and put in the different aspects of your idea such as the fuel that will push your idea to take off, the people in the balloon which represents who can aid you in successfully making your idea work, the wind can represent what can put you off from succeeding with your idea. These representations brought to light the realism of how things will be difficult but if you take all into consideration and stay focused anything can be achieved.

All in all the IgnYte programme has been an uplifting and enlightening experience in my opinion and all the participants seem happy so far.

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