Explorer’s Journey for Systemic Change

March 23, 2015 – March 27, 2015 all-day
Explorer's Journey for Systemic Change @ Tunisia

Explorers’ Journey for Systemic Change: tackling root causes.

· How can activism/civil society contribute to a shift in current worldviews and values beyond consumerism and self-interest?
· How can we get involved in the exciting innovation process of creating the new system / economy?
· How can we create cross-sectorial movements that build real momentum for system change?
· How can we change our own organisations to become fit for system change?

Development Perspectives along with DEEEP/CONCORD DARE Forum and Smart CSOs Lab are launching their own learning cycle. The course will last 7 months, starting in September with the first physical meeting being held in Brussels, from 20th to 22nd September 2014.

What makes this learning experience different?

Thanks to its methodology based on learning as a long-term process, thanks to the diversity of the targeted participants who will actively take part in the cycle and thanks to the cycle structure shaped as a 7-month ongoing experience, mixing online engagement (webinars/tutoring/forum discussions etc.) and physical meetings, this cycle will be highly innovative and transformational.

Participants will have a place to build their core competencies for facilitating systemic change through action-experiments. This course will allow particpants to have an inspirational learning journey, where strategic guidance will be provided. Different methods and pedagogical approaches are going to be used, respecting the diversity of ways of learning.