Development Perspectives’ wins big at 2017 Dóchas Awards. 1

Development Perspectives director Bobby McCormack, Lifetime Achievement award recipient David Donohue and #SDGchallenge coordinator Stephanie Kirwan.

The Dóchas Awards 2017 – honouring Irish heroes and leaders working for global justice and solidarity were presented at a ceremony in Dublin on October 24th.

Awards were presented in five categories – a Global Citizen Award, Humanitarian Award, Respect and Equality in Communications Award, Sustainable Development Goal Champion Award, and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Each category highlights a different area of work for Dóchas members as they work towards bringing about an end to all forms of poverty and injustice globally.

The Global Citizen Award, celebrates an outstanding individual who inspires and empowers others in their quest for a better world. It was presented to Development Perspectives director Bobby McCormack.

Suzanne Keatinge said, “Bobby has worked tirelessly since 2006 to raise awareness of the importance of development education in Ireland, and in doing so he has opened the minds of so many people on issues such as poverty, inequality and climate change. Bobby is a true Global Citizen, and Dóchas is delighted to be able to honour him with this award.”

The Sustainable Development Goal Champion Award, which honours an organisation that has done outstanding work around the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), was presented to Development Perspectives for our project the #SDGchallenge.

Development Perspectives established the innovative “#SDGchallenge” in 2016, in an effort to raise public awareness, as well as to encourage people across Ireland, to take action. Through social media and monthly workshops throughout the country, they set challenges for each of the 17 Global Goals to bring them to life for local communities. One example is the “Poverty Box” challenge, where participants were challenged to try to feed themselves on €2 per day.

Suzanne Keatinge said, “Development Perspectives has done Trojan work bringing the word of the SDGs to people all over Ireland. They have created innovative and engaging challenges to make the SDGs real and relevant, enabling people of all interests, based all over the country, into the discussion around these crucial, transformative goals. Engaging the general public on the importance of the SDGs will be crucial to their success, and we are delighted to honour Development Perspectives who have led the way on this issue in Ireland.”

Bobby McCormack said on receiving these two esteemed awards; “It’s a real honour and privilege for the work of Development Perspectives to be recognised nationally by our peers and colleagues. We’re delighted to have received these awards.”

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