Russia’s anti gay law

Seamus Quigley discusses if the recent amendment to Russia’s Federal Law 135 are really about protecting family values or are they about oppressing ‘non-traditional’ relations and curtailing LGBTQ rights? We welcome your comments and encourage you to engage in thoughtful and respectful discussion. Russia has been the centre of attention again over the last couple […]

An ideal water system

Mark O’Dwyer is currently doing an internship with Development Perspectives and studying Development in Kimmage Development Studies Centre. This is the fifth and final in his series of blogs regarding water. Over the past few months I have been writing blog posts here on the water system in Ireland, trying to create debate around the […]

Are we at the Mad Hatters tea Party?

Moving straight to London less than two weeks after traveling home from Africa and indeed completing the Kilimanjaro climb got me reflecting upon the concept of time. Who made up the idea of time? And why is it so important in affecting our daily lives? Apparently the answer to the first of those questions is […]

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